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Looking for a therapist? We can help you

Who we are
The Independent Psychology Service is a network of over 60 professionally registered, highly trained and experienced therapists in private practice across London. We are: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Psychoanalysts and Counsellors. Set up in 1989, the IPS has built a reputation for providing outstanding psychological care.

Finding a therapist
Trying to find the right therapy and therapist can be confusing and difficult. At IPS we offer an initial assessment consultation, by telephone or face-to-face, to think together about your problems and decide an approach to therapy, before recommending a therapist to suit you and your problems.

What we offer
We are committed to providing effective, evidence-based therapy for a wide range of psychological, emotional and relationship problems. We offer CBT, psychotherapy, counselling and psychiatric consultation to adults, children, couples, families and groups. We also carry out educational and neuro-psychological assessments and expert witness reports.

Specialist services
Many IPS therapists are internationally respected for their pioneering work. Several multi-disciplinary teams are developing therapy and research in areas such as: Parenthood; Couples; Child and Family; Ageing; Life-transitions, Eating Disorders; and Medico-Legal issues.

Daytime, evening, and some weekend appointments are available. There are no waiting lists.

Our fees are competitive. IPS therapists are registered with all the major medical Insurance companies.